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Mephedrone is a stimulant drug which can produce euphoria, alertness, talkativeness and feelings of empathy. Side effects include extreme weight loss over a short period of time, anxiety, the inability to talk and misunderstanding what others are saying.

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Buy Mephedrone Powder online.

Buy Mephedrone Powder online (4-methylmethcathinone) is a stimulant which is closely chemically related to amphetamines. Mephedrone produces a similar experience to drugs like amphetamines, ecstasy or cocaine.

What is mephedrone?

Mephedrone, also called 4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), or 4-methylephedrone is a synthetic stimulant. A stimulant is a psychoactive drug which induces temporary improvements in mental and/or physical function. Mephedrone is an entactogen drug – a class of psychoactive drugs that produce distinctive emotional and social effects, similar to those of Ecstasy (MDMA).

Where To Buy Mephedrone online.

Mephedrone is an amphetamine and cathinone class drug. An amphetamine is a drug with a stimulant effect on the (CNS) central nervous system that can be physically and psychologically addictive when used too much. Cathinone is a naturally occurring stimulant present in the Khat plant. Its structure and effects are similar to those of ephedrine and amphetamine.

Mephedrone is a synthetic (artificial) substance based on the (cathinone) compounds that exist in the Khat plant of East Africa. Users may swallow, snort or inject mephedrone. It can come in the form of tablets, capsules or white powder. Snorting is the most common way of taking the drug, and injection the rarest.

Effects of mephedrone:

Users of mephedrone say it raises:

– alertness
– restlessness
– excitement
– the urge to talk
– openness
– sex drive
– gives a feeling of stimulation
Some say it makes them feel more confident, talkative and alert.

The effects of mephedrone, like cocaine, seem to last about an hour before wearing off.

Most users say mephedrone effects are a combination of ecstasy and cocaine.

Side effects of mephedrone?

– 67% of users experienced hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
– 51% of users experienced headaches
– 43% of users experienced heart palpitations
– 27% of users experienced nausea
– 15% of users had blue or cold fingers.

Non-survey (anecdotal) reports indicate mephedrone may have the following effects on some users:

Severe panic attacks
Some say these last three side effects may be the result of sleep deprivation after overusing mephedrone for a couple of days – it is a stimulant and will make it more difficult to sleep if the user has a “marathon session”. However, some anecdotal reports exist of these symptoms without sleep deprivation.


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