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buy Diamorphine tablets online Cancer drugs can interact with some other medicines and herbal products. Tell your doctor or pharmacist about any medicines you are taking. This includes vitamins, herbal supplements and over the counter remedies.

Pregnancy and contraception

It is important not to become pregnant while having buy Diamorphine tablets online  There is a risk that the baby could become dependent on it and suffer from withdrawl symptoms after the birth.

Talk to your doctor or nurse about effective contraception.


Don’t breastfeed while having diamorphine because the drug may come through in the breast milk.

Treatment for other conditions

Always tell other doctors, nurses, pharmacists or dentists that you’re having this treatment if you need treatment for anything else, including teeth problems.

Addiction and diamorphine

Some people worry about becoming addicted to diamorphine. When you take this kind of drug to control pain, it is unlikely that you will become addicted. But talk to your doctor or specialist nurse if you are worried.

Drowsiness and diamorphine

If you become drowsy after having diamorphine for a while, it may mean that you need to lower your dose. Talk to your doctor or nurse before you change your dose. It is important to let them know. It can be very harmful to just stop taking diamorphine. You are likely to need to slowly reduce the amount you take.

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