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Who should take BuyDHEA 50 mg online?

Most people over 30 years old have DHEA levels well below those only a few years prior. For many of these people, DHEA supplementation offers the promise of a more youthful body and an improved life. Past 40 years of age, the DHEA level is not any higher than half of the optimal level, and over 75 it declines from 80% to 90%.

What does DHEA supplementation do for the user  ?

The principal benefits of DHEA supplementation are:

• A significant improvement of the energy level and vitality, perceptible after a few weeks in 82% of women and 67% of men (according to
a study carried out at the University of San Diego, California).
• A stimulation of the immune system which reinforces resistance to diseases.
• A better resistance to stress.
• A modulation of the other hormonal functions, which can contribute in reducing the disorders associated with both female and male
• A 
coetaneous hydration thus improving the production of sebum (greasy substance allowing the skin to keep its flexibility and to defend
itself against microbial aggressions and the general environment).
• A reduction in the pigmentation related with ageing, particular in the facial area.
• An improvement of bone tissues (especially in women), beneficial for the use in prevention of the spontaneous bone fractures in elderly
• A libido increase (relation frequency, desire, physical or psychological signs).

Who should not take DHEA ?

• Individuals under 30 years of age, unless specifically said otherwise by a physician.
• Pregnant or nursing women, as well as those wanting to conceive.
• Individuals suffering of breast or prostate cancer. Additionally, if you are under treatment for any other condition, get advice from your

 What is the recommended dosage ?

The optimal dosage varies for each individual. Lifestyle, metabolism, and medical history all influence the use of this supplement. In general, it is recommended for women to take 25 mg per day, and 50 mg for men. By taking DHEA as a supplement in these quantities for 4 to 6 weeks, it is possible to restore the optimal hormonal levels measured between the ages of 25 and 30. DHEA should preferably be taken in the morning along with breakfast.

Are there side effects ?

Supplementary DHEA, in recommended dosages, causes no notable secondary effects, and is remarkably safe to use. DHEA has been sold over the counter in the US since 1995. Tens of millions of Americans use it daily without any problems.

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