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Hallucinogens are substances that induce alterations in perception of space, time and place. They can be found in both nature (cacti, vines and mushrooms) as in man-made synthetic substances, such as LSD, DMT and 2C-B. As long as man has existed, ritual use of these substances has been documented, often for magic and religious purposes. Since the 60s, it has been widely spread among the counter-culture.

Pills, powder, paper or crystal
Trips can be encountered in the form of pills, powder, blotter papers, liquids or crystals. The form depends on the substance and the dosage needed to get off. LSD is commonly sold in blotter form and as a liquid (drops). It’s a pretty unstable molecule so unless you keep it in decent packaging at cool temperatures the quality will deteriorate over time.
Most phenethylamine type synthetic hallucinogens are seen as a powder or in pill form for easy administration.

the effects of taking a trip:
– They are also called ‘psychedelics’, which means ‘mind manifesting’.
– A ‘trip’ will amplify existing emotions and alter perception of time and space. These alterations in perception can cause hallucinations, seeing things that are not there, but for the user they are real.
– This amplifying effect can be very strong, and cause a good feeling to develop to ecstasy. Fear can lead to panic. One cannot predict how these emotions will develop and feel like. The effects can come back years later, this is called a ‘flashback’. The physical effects are minimal, although nausea and vomiting are common.

The effect and duration of the trip are determined by the kind of substance, the dosage and the initial mood of the user. Also bodyweight and the time between meals affect the trip.
Some trips can last for more than 24 hours, whereas others can wear off in 6 hours. Examples of synthetic psychedelics are 2C-B, LSD, 2-CT-7, 2-CT-2, DOB, DOI, 2C-I, 4 acetoxy-DMT, 5-MeO-MiPT/DMT/DiPT. Please visit www.erowid.org for more information on these substances.

Just know that:
These substances can bear risks for those who are emotionally unstable, depressed, anxious or a propensity toward psychosis. They can induce psychosis or panic attacks. Motor skills are reduced so don’t drive or operate machinery on these substances.
Most hallucinogens are illegal and possesion may lead to prosecution and sentencing.

Having a bad trip?
– change the music to something light and familiar
– change the location go outside, into another room, or find a quiet, non-threatening environment
– talk to a friend someone you are close to who you can trust
– concentrate on your breathing a bad trip can be worsened if you try to resist it. Instead divert your mind by counting your breaths in and out.
– the drug will not harm you repeat to yourself the phrase ‘I am immortal’. Your anxiety is purely an effect of the drug and will pass. You will be okay.

and if someone you know is having a bad trip:
– change something – the location, music, lighting. do not force anyone to move if they do not want to. Gently coax, invite or encourage instead
– reassure them they have taken a drug, the trip will end, and they will be okay.
– tell them the time with their sense of time distorted, bad trippers often feel caught in eternity. Give them a schedule for when they will feel better
– relaxing and breathing the fear is often heightened by the tensing and trying to resist. Letting go will make them feel better. Breathing will relax them and give them something to focus on
– don’t leave them alone but don’t crowd them either…

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