Oral Steroids Stack

Beginner Oral Steroid Cutting STACK

  • 7 primobolan 25mg
  • 3 Anavar 10mg
  • 1 Clen


It seems like every day we are getting asked, what is the best cycle for cutting? Well we are tired of explaining it all the time and decided to just spell it out for you.

First, know that steroids are not fat burners. No matter what you heard, Winstrol (Winny) and Anavar are not going to be the mythical pills that eliminate fat over night. There are steroid compounds that are best for cutting though. Steroids like Winny, Anavar, primobolan, Trenbolone and Masteron are known for their cutting benefits. So why are they used for steroid cutting cycles? The reason is that they do not aromatize and they don’t produce a significant estrogenic effect. With other steroids you find that as your testosterone increases, so does your estrogen. This is because your body is trying to balance itself and reach homeostasis. The cutting steroids do not produce estrogen. Estrogen is bad for cutting because it causes men’s bodies to hold water weight and store fat easier. If you want that shredded to the bone, leaned out look then you can’t have fat or water weight.

Diet is the key to Getting Lean!

Diet is the key to fat burning and weight training is the key to building muscle. If you do both right then you can accomplish what 99% of the population can’t; Lose fat, while gaining muscle.

To lose the fat and gain muscle you have to tow a delicate line. So before you get all gung ho on looking like a fitness model, get your diet and training in check by doing the following:

Eat 6 – 8 meals a day. Each meal should consist a lean meat, good carb, fiber and vegetables;

Acceptable Lean Meat: small white fish or baked chicken

Acceptable good carb, fiber: Sweet Potatoes (Best option), Quinoa, beans, lentils or rice

Acceptable vegetables: Broccoli is best because it helps flush out estrogen. All Veggies are good

Absolutely no sugar! You can eat some fruit after a workout if you have a sweet tooth. fast carbs are fine just after a workout.

Each meal should include something from these 3 food groups.

The only change in this diet comes just before you go and work out. The meal before your gym should be of lean meat and vegetables. Increase the amount to compensate for the missing good carbs. The reason for no carbs that we want to get your blood sugar down.


You are now eating well and ready to hit the gym. You will want to start with weight training. Try to get half and hour to an hour of weights in. Go with sets of 5 with up to 20 reps. Start with low weights and progress the weight up and the reps down. If the exercise requires doing one arm or one leg at a time then do 10 each side and then 10 each side again for the full 20. This is just a recommendation and if you have a plan that is working ignore this and stick with it. We will be posting more training videos soon.

The weight training will get your blood sugar levels down. Now it is time to burn that fat. Go get on a stair master or elliptical machine. You are going to start by going as long as you can with the ultimate goal of 1 hour. Your pace should be slow and steady. You are burning fat, not trying to be the fastest stair master. You will probably get to about 20 minutes your first time, then get to 25 the next day and so forth. It sucks and is tedious, but it works. Once you are up to an hour of cardio, you should be seeing some serious fat loss.

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